Precise, high-speed, in-process laser depth measurements


LDD’s patented inline coherent imaging (ICI) technology sets a new¬†gold standard in laser process monitoring. Working through your existing laser head optics, an LDD instrument can provide accurate measurements of the depth of penetration for almost any laser process. ICI is immune to interference from the process beam, plasma and other sources, yielding high-quality depth data even while the laser is operating.


Laser Depth Dynamics technology provides powerful capabilities for your production line, applications lab or research centre:

  • QA/QC decision-making using direct measurements of the actual depth of every laser weld.
  • Feedback control to ensure your laser process hits exactly the depth you specify.
  • Weld dynamics imaging with an unprecedented view of the inside of the keyhole.
  • Height following / autofocus through your existing laser head optics, with no external sensors.
  • Ablation control allowing direct-from-CAD micromachining.
  • 3D imaging through the laser head, including alignment, seam tracking, 3D microscopy, surface profiling and more.
  • Many more capabilities – contact us for details.

A world leader in laser process monitoring

Laser weld QC using ICI imagingWhether your application involves welding, ablation, cutting, drilling, or any other depth-sensitive laser processing task, Laser Depth Dynamics can provide the high-speed, high-resolution, real-time information you need.